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Your Processed Foods Are Lying To You

You’ve probably heard the advice to “shop around the edges of the supermarket.” There’s some truth to this. You’ll find fresh produce, meats, eggs and many other whole foods stocked around the perimeter of the market. But this piece of advice has its limitations. If you want good cooking oils, whole grains, dried herbs, spices, beans, nuts and seeds, you usually need to venture into the actual aisles of the supermarket. This is where things get tricky. Within the aisles […]

Our Top Ten Tips to Thrive Through the Holidays!

EMBODY Wellness Company’s Holiday Survival Guide: Top Ten Tips to Thrive Through the Holidays:   Picture Your Plate Divide your plate into ¼ s. Fill ½ of the plate with vegetables: salad, brussels sprouts, green beans, squash, etc. Fill ¼ of your plate with protein: turkey, fish, chicken, grass fed beef, nuts/seeds, etc. Fill ¼ of your plate with more veggies or complex carbs: sweet potato, whole grains (quinoa, farro, buckwheat, kamut, wheat berries, etc.).   Pick Your Poison (and […]

March New You Resolution: Daily Gratitude

It is March! You took January to build in a habit of hydration and February to ensure dark, leafy greens were part of your day. Now, we challenge you to spend a few minutes each day keeping a gratitude journal. That means thinking about and writing down things your feel grateful for. Start with just three to five items each day… or don’t put any limits on yourself and see where your intuition guides you. According to Robert Emmons a […]

Guest Blogger: Kettlebell Fitness Guru Dasha Libin on Weight Loss Success

Dasha’s 10 Rules for Weight-loss Success. by Dasha Libin (As seen in Shape, Fitness, Self, Cosmopolitain, US Weekly, Huffington Post, Vanity Fair, The WSJ, Prevention and more!) Check out more tips and tricks on the KBIA blog! Drink water. Drink a lot of it!  If I can’t get a workout in, I know I can drink more water and still get the benefits of flushing out the toxins from my system. If i am feeling a bit under the weather, if […]

Tips for Quelling Nausea During Pregnancy

You’re pregnant! You’re excited and nervous and anxious and giddy. And then the nausea hits. Or, it did for me. Hard. And unrelenting. From about week 6 to week 18 with intensity and little reprieve, and then from week 18 to week 26 as a constant shadowy companion. Long days in the office and smells of co-workers’ lunches and hot NYC air did not make it any easier. But I learned a few tricks to help ease the queasy. 1.) […]