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We see clients worldwide via Skype, Facetime, Phone or
in person (if in NYC).
  • Want to lose weight, sleep better or increase your energy?
  • Ready to look and feel your best without depriving yourself?
  • Seeking strategies for your healthiest pregnancy?
  • Struggling with fertility and need understanding, holistic nutrition support?
  • Trying to get your best body after children, amidst a stressful career or busy lifestyle?
  • Need a bespoke plan, accountability and support?

We go beyond nutrition. We go beyond fitness.
As a client in one of our 1:1 health coaching and concierge programs, we’ll focus on the holistic you!


Customized 1:1 Holistic Wellness & Nutrition Programs

Weekly Meal Planning.

Detox Programs.

Wellness Workshops & Curated Events

Corporate Wellness & Consulting for Wellness Projects

Fertility, Pre and Post Natal wellness services including nutrition, fitness, supplements and more.

Family Wellness – Get your entire clan to EMBODY Wellness.

Wellness Writing, Contribution and Speaking.
As your full service, holistic concierge, we also offer:

  • Supplementation Review to support energy, focus, happiness and overall wellness
  • At Home Cooking Lessons & Quick Meal Preparation Techniques
  • Grocery Shopping Tours and Customized Shopping Lists or Delivery
  • Kitchen, Fridge and Pantry Makeovers so you always have quick and healthy snacks, easy prep meals, nutritious temptations and fueling options.
  • Personal Training, Yoga, Acupuncture, Meditation, Body Rolling & More
  • Personalized workout plan to get your rear back into gear! Classes, do-anywhere moves, programs and accountability
  • Do-Terra Essential Oil Customized Consultations
  • Home Detox Consultations to swap into healthier products
  • Beauty Detox
  • Guides to entertaining, dining out, ordering in, and clean eating
  • Healthy Travel Guides so you’re always prepared to make the best decisions from NYC to Aspen and St Barths to St Tropez!
  • Recipe Creation for quick and clean meals
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