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Creamy and Indulgent Celery Root Soup (Healthy and Cream-Free!)

The joys of a CSA are many. My favorite thing about my weekly basket is the mystery of its contents. You never know what you are going to get, but it always pushes you to try new foods and experiment with new recipes! This week, my CSA basket included Jerusalem artichokes, black radish,  fennel and celery root, among the many other items. These were four ingredients I had eaten in restaurants many times, but never purchased or prepared myself. I […]

Too Good To Be True: Healthy Superfood Cake (Vegan, GF, DF)

Go on and ring in the New Year with this extremely simple superfood, vegan and gluten free cake recipe. It will certainly become your go-to healthy treat, great for breakfast, dessert and fabulous for gift giving too. This airy sponge cake is made from a combination of superfoods: flax, chia and hemp seeds, coconut oil, maple syrup, cocao, brown rice flour and blueberries. To make this vegan we use banana as an As egg replacement and vegan chocolate chips. Adding chocolate chips and you favorite nut […]

Community Supported Agriculture: Join a Local CSA and have Fresh, Organic Produce Delivered to your Door!

  One of our favorite winter joys is the bi-weekly delivery of our winter CSA Farm Shares. When the weather gets cold and it looks like life is hibernating, there is nothing better than a packed-full box of fresh vegetables at your door.  It gets harder and harder to find local produce in your grocery store as temperatures decline, and it gets harder and harder to leave the warmth of your home to venture to a farmers market or produce […]

A Five-Minute Kale Salad You Can Use All Week

To read the full article featured in the Epoch Times, click here Many of us are busy and barely have time to make nutritious meals. How does making a five-minute superfood dish of kale and using it four additional times sound? Another added benefit is that your kids may actually enjoy it too! Gaining in popularity, kale is a powerful vegetable recognized for its nutrient richness, health benefits, and delicious flavor. According to WebMD, 1 cup of chopped kale has […]

Healthy On The Go Snacks—Family and Figure Friendly

We’ve all been there, running around all day or traveling and then getting that hit of hunger causing us to reach for whatever is closest or convenient. Or, we forgo the snack all together and over-indulge at the next meal, ordering options you’d normally avoid or grabbing a third helping from the bread basket.  Preparation, Preparation, Preparation! EMBODY Eco-Friendly Packaging Ideas: Stainless steel containers: Kids Konserve makes great ones with spill-proof lids. Stylish and practical. Re-usable sandwich/snack bags: Itzy Ritzy’s or LunchSkins  […]

Healthy Homemade Power Granola

I used to buy my granola from local bakeries and supermarkets. Granola is so good over yogurt and drizzled with honey or sprinkled over ice cream. It makes a great snack by the handful. This cereal alternative is touted as a “health food” over and over again, but if you look at the ingredient list and the nutrition label, you’ll soon discover it can be a diet sabotage! I realized this “healthy” breakfast staple was laden with processed sugars and unhealthy […]

A Simple, Quick, Portable Superfood Breakfast

Join the chia seed revolution! To read the full article in the Epoch Times, click here If you haven’t tried chia seeds yet, this simple pudding with endless variations may be what gets you started. With a prep time of less than five minutes and overnight refridgeration, chia pudding makes my mornings smoother, and solves the issue of getting the kids nutritiously fed without making a complete mess in the kitchen. This recipe is a family affair at our home. My […]