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Healthy Homemade Power Granola

I used to buy my granola from local bakeries and supermarkets. Granola is so good over yogurt and drizzled with honey or sprinkled over ice cream. It makes a great snack by the handful. This cereal alternative is touted as a “health food” over and over again, but if you look at the ingredient list and the nutrition label, you’ll soon discover it can be a diet sabotage! I realized this “healthy” breakfast staple was laden with processed sugars and unhealthy […]

A Simple, Quick, Portable Superfood Breakfast

Join the chia seed revolution! To read the full article in the Epoch Times, click here If you haven’t tried chia seeds yet, this simple pudding with endless variations may be what gets you started. With a prep time of less than five minutes and overnight refridgeration, chia pudding makes my mornings smoother, and solves the issue of getting the kids nutritiously fed without making a complete mess in the kitchen. This recipe is a family affair at our home. My […]